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Babestation began in late 2002, as a post-watershed two-hour programme (11pm-1am) on computer game channel Game Network UK.

Babestation featured two women taking calls (unheard by the TV audience) whilst the rest of the screen was filled by viewers' text messages and one presenter, who improvised and reacted to the messages.

In time, Babestation was given bigger time-slots, becoming a three- and then four-hour-long show (11pm-3am), increasing the number of presenters to four or five per night, and improving the technology (the director could now put women on 'full-screen', having only been able to show them on one-sixth of it before, and hand-held cameras were introduced, replacing the poorer-quality static remote-controlled ones used originally).

Babestation was also sometimes broadcast on the Italian feed of Game Network.

Now, it says it is changing the numbers, “which will negate the issue in its entirety”.

The presenter might alternate between the three women throughout the show.

The programme proved profitable to the channel and Babestation's makers.

“It is Babestations’ understanding, through both the recent media coverage, and contact with a number of professional bodies, that there may have been unintentional calls made to residents of Westport.

Babestation recognise this as an innocent misunderstanding and they are extremely aware that disappointed callers in Ireland, whose intention it was to speak to one of the Babestation girls, may have inadvertently reached homes on the west coast of Ireland.

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