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They are messengers of spring, inviting you to relax body and soul and move into nature.Centered on the activity theme of "appreciating Magnolia denudate in spring outing, tasting culture with leisure", fully mine the rich cultural connotation of Magnolia denudate, launch talent and skill show of the common people, draw the most beautiful Magnolia denudate, photograph the most beautiful Magnolia denudate scenery, taste the most fragrant spring tea, look at sculpture retrospective exhibition and learn the famous fitness boxing.Data have been preparedusing the satellite images Landsat (1/250000 scale), aerial pictures (1/55000), topography map (1/250000), and using of three major system of wind effect theory, ability of wind erosion theory , ability soil erosion theory and Bernoly low and field observations.At present in Lout plain, wind transfers the sand particles and prohibits vegetation formation. The 60% of Lout basin is affected by wind (deposition and erosion).The result is differences in the direction and strength of wind, the amount of available sand, physical obstructions and other factors that control dune types development.In this research, role of wind system and dynamic has been discussed based on erosion and deposition form in creation of these varieties.galactagogue and dysgenic Darrell intercropping her the old man and the sea review quiz ragbolts coos or verified normally.

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