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The names by which some events are commonly known may be different to when they were first reported. If the surname you are searching for is common try searching various versions of a name or try to searching for the full name in quotes, which will find documents containing the exact phrase entered in quotation marks, e.g. If the surname is unusual, try to search by the surname alone.However, due to the condition of the original material in some cases and the technological processes involved, it has not been possible to produce perfect results in every single case.This service can only be accessed within a public library or school in Ireland.It is funded jointly by the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government and The Irish Times.

So, whatever your spiritual convictions, community groups across Ireland are inviting you to take up the pilgrim staff at any of the events listed when Ireland’s penitential paths will resonate to the ageless echo of pilgrim footfall.On subsequent days the second part of the Tochar can be completed, if desired.The Irish Times Pub operates under the responsible service of alcohol guidelines, therefore, we reserve the right to refuse service of alcohol even if the beverages are pre-purchased.Over the coming months we will take a closer look in detail at all the finalists and the fascinating stories behind their innovative journeys.In the meantime, here is a very brief guide to the 21 successful entries so far, three in each of the seven awards categories.

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