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Bethel cemetery was associated with the now-disbanded Bethel United Brethren church, the building of which was "sold and moved away".

When this village, which was never incorporated, organized a U. post office, there was already an Indiana post office named "Richland Center", so this post office was named "Alvardo", which eventually became the name for the village.

One of the first cemeteries in the area, Bethel Cemetery has graves dating from the late 1840s.The other scale (near left) represents d BZ values when the radar is in precipitation mode (d BZ values from 5 to 75).Notice the color on each scale remains the same in both operational modes, only the values change.If you're looking for others who ride on a Ducati, Harley, Triumph or BMW - Biker is where you'll find them for fun, relationships & love.Meet biker singles in Toronto TODAY and connect with hundreds of thousands of singles like you now!

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